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Recently Published

Recently Published

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August 2018

Successful Aging: History and Prospects (John W. Rowe, Dawn C. Carr)

July 2018

Critical Role of Social–Cognitive Age Representations (Alison Chasteen, Maria Iankilevitch, Jordana Schiralli, Veronica Bergstrom)
Emotional Self-Regulation in Sport and Performance (Claudio Robazza, Montse C. Ruiz)
Life Space in Older Adults (Markus Wettstein, Hans-Werner Wahl, Michael Schwenk)
Metamemory and Cognitive Aging (Christopher Hertzog, Taylor Curley)
Motivation in Sport and Performance (Glyn C. Roberts, Christina G. L. Nerstad, P. Nicolas Lemyre)
Object Perception (Scott P. Johnson)
Speech Comprehension and Cognition in Adult Aging (Nicole D. Ayasse, Alexis R. Johns, Arthur Wingfield)
Stress and Coping Theory Across the Adult Lifespan (Agus Surachman, David M. Almeida)

June 2018

Aging Couples: Benefits and Costs of Long Intimate Relations (Victoria I. Michalowski, Denis Gerstorf, Christiane A. Hoppmann)
Mixed Methods Research in Adult Development and Aging (Joseph E. Gaugler, Colleen M. Peterson, Lauren L. Mitchell, Jessica Finlay, Eric Jutkowitz)

May 2018

Culture and Human Development (Michael Cole, Martin Packer), summary
Psychological Considerations for the Older Athlete (Bradley W. Young, Bettina Callary, Scott Rathwell)

April 2018

Inflammation as a Biomarker Method in Lifespan Developmental Methodology (Stephanie J. Wilson, Alex Woody, Janice K. Kiecolt-Glaser)

March 2018

Awareness of Aging Processes (Anne Josephine Dutt, Hans-Werner Wahl, Manfred Diehl)
Cognition and Mobility With Aging (Karen Z. H. Li, Halina Bruce, Rachel Downey)
Cognitive Consistency in Social Cognition (Skylar M. Brannon, Bertram Gawronski)
Daily Diary Designs in Lifespan Developmental Psychology (Shevaun D. Neupert, Jennifer A. Bellingtier)
Depression Among Athletes and the Potential Impact on Performance (Zella Moore, Jamie Leboff, Kehana Bonagura)
Gender in a Social Psychology Context (Thekla Morgenroth, Michelle K. Ryan)
Psychological Aspects of Athletic Training (Heather N. Schuyler, Brieanne R. Seguin, Nicole Anne Wilkins, J. Jordan Hamson-Utley)
Self and Identity (Sanaz Talaifar, William Swann)
Social Categorization (Craig McGarty)
Social Comparison (Zlatan Krizan)

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