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Recently Published

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May 2017

Job and Work Design (Anja Van den Broeck, Sharon K. Parker)
Psychodynamic Psychotherapies (Mary V. Minges, Jacques P. Barber)
Schools and Approaches to Psychotherapy (Kathleen Someah, Christopher Edwards, Larry E. Beutler)

April 2017

Bullying in Sport and Performance Psychology (Leslee A. Fisher, Lars Dzikus)
Burnout in Sport and Performance (Robert C. Eklund, J.D. Defreese)
Concussion in Sport (Anthony P. Kontos, Jamie McAllister-Deitrick)
Developing Athletes in the Context of Sport and Performance Psychology (Luc J. Martin, David J. Hancock, Jean Côté)
Language Acquisition (Erica H. Wojcik, Irene de la Cruz-Pavía, Janet F. Werker)
Organizational Sensemaking (Ravi S. Kudesia)
Psychological Imagery in Sport and Performance (Krista J. Munroe-Chandler, Michelle D. Guerrero)

March 2017

Ageism in the Workplace (David M. Cadiz, Amy C. Pytlovany, Donald M. Truxillo)
Aging Workforce Issues from a Multilevel Approach (Lale M. Yaldiz, Franco Fraccaroli, Donald M. Truxillo)
Intergenerational Transmission of Risk for Behavioral Problems Including Substance Use (Deborah M. Capaldi, David C. R. Kerr, Stacey S. Tiberio)
Organizational Behavior (Neal M. Ashkanasy, Alana D. Dorris)
Personnel Selection (Jesús F. Salgado)
Retirement (Mo Wang, Valeria Alterman)
Self-Talk in Sport and Performance (Judy L. Van Raalte, Andrew Vincent)
Work and Family (MacKenna L. Perry, Leslie B. Hammer)

February 2017

Physical Activity and Personality Traits (Ryan E. Rhodes, Patrick Boudreau)
Potentially Harmful Treatments (Scott O. Lilienfeld)
Specific Language Impairment (Laurence B. Leonard)
Stigma and Health (Katherine Nieweglowski, Patrick W. Corrigan)

January 2017

Justice in Teams (Vincente Martínez-Tur, Carolina Moliner)
Moderator Variables (Matthew S. Fritz, Ann M. Arthur)

December 2016

ADHD in Children and Adolescents (Kelsey E. Woods, Christina M. Danko, Andrea Chronis-Tuscano)
Creativity at Work (Kristina Potočnik, Neil Anderson)
Mediator Variables (Matthew S. Fritz, Houston F. Lester)
Organizational Climate and Culture (Mark G. Ehrhart, Benjamin Schneider)

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